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The Viento Way

Viento is an artisan coffee roaster based in Watford, Hertfordshire. We source some of the tastiest coffee from around the world, using only 100% arabica beans.

We are extremely passionate about producing great tasting coffee and are always here to help guide you and find the right tools and techniques to brew the perfect cup of coffee for your business or home.

All our Coffees are available as beans, or freshly ground for cafetiere, filter, espresso, French press or Turkish coffee.

Micro-roasting allows us to be intimately involved in every roasting batch to ensure you’re getting the best and freshest cup of coffee possible, there are no computers or setting a timer and walking away.

Our head roaster, carefully monitors our roasting machine, logging every minute of the roast using paper and pen, controlling airflow, flame adjustment by hand, following our specially crafted roast profiles.

Behind the scenes we spend a lot of time focused on sourcing high quality beans. Although roasting method is important you have to start with fantastic green beans to get a great tasting coffee. We pick ‘Speciality’ grade beans which can be traced back to the Farmer.

Like all fruit, coffee is seasonal which means our coffee offerings are constantly changing throughout the year. We cup our coffees weekly to ensure the beans are still tasting as good as they did the very first day they landed with us at the roastery. We roast coffee weekly and despatch web orders throughout the week ensuring your coffee is fresh and delivered within good time.

Brewing guide

Brewing Guide


These guides serve as a good place to start. The grinder you use, coffee you choose, and yes, even the water from your sink, can alter the taste in the cup. Every machine is different, so you’ll want to think of these parameters more as guidelines than strict rules. Play around with your brewer and parameters to get each coffee to taste just how you like it.

With a practical capacity of 500 ml, this is the V60 to go for if you want to brew more than a couple of cups at a time. The box includes the heatproof glass decanter, a free-standing dripper cone, and a removable sillicone band that protects your hands from the heat. The cone takes the Hario 2 cup paper filters, available in packs of 40 or 100. Hario's V60 dripper assists circulation and allows for maximum coffee expansion during brewing. The removable silicone band is cool to touch and easy to wash, pack of 10 Filter Paper included, removable V60 Dripper, perfect for 2-3 Cup Brew.

The Chemex brews a clean cup and maintains body and balanced floral notes.
With no parts to misplace, the classic design of this Chemex has remained
unchanged since its invention in 1941.

Invented by engineer Alan Adler, of Aerobie Frisbee fame, it has, fittingly, inspired crazy ingenuity and variety of brew methods. It’s perfect for camping or road trips, uses a small amount of water with tiny filter. We love how flexible and durable it is. Comes with 350 paper filters which need a good rinse before brewing, stirrer, measure, funnel and including an AeroPress handy storage bag.

Easy to brew and super consistent, the French Press is very reliable.
Its classic and well-engineered design hasn’t changed much since its invention
in 1929, and it’s perfect for making multiple cups of heavy-bodied coffee in 4 minutes.

Serve Viento

Serve Viento

Serve Viento

We love working with passionate companies and people who want to build their businesses based on the quality of coffee they serve.

Our goal is to establish long term relationships with our customers, offering equipment training, education and support alongside the coffee we roast.

Every business has different requirements and needs, so if you are interested in serving Viento coffee in your establishment, please get in touch so we can better understand how we can help.

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